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Team Building & Away Days In The New Forest

At Pylewell Park, we believe that team building and away days should be anything but ordinary.

Our beautiful estate, with acres of private parkland and breathtaking views across to the Isle of Wight, offers an unparalleled playground for any corporate team-building event.

pylewell park estate house and grand pavilion corporate and private hire for events

Team Building Services Provider Hampshire New Forest

Whether you seek exhilarating outdoor pursuits or more leisurely activities, we have a range of experiences up our sleeve to create an unforgettable and bespoke event tailored to your employee's preferences.

Thrilling Adventures For Your Teams On Land & Sea

For adrenaline seekers, our private parkland provides the ideal setting for countryside pursuits. Experience the thrill of clay pigeon shooting amidst the picturesque landscape, try your hand with the segways, or race around our scenic south park in exhilarating rage buggies.

If you prefer a touch of elegance and sophistication,  we have a range of indoor activities, and are welcome to explore the estate with a sense of freedom and fun.

pylewell park estate house and grand pavilion corporate and private hire for events
Masquerade Balls, Gala's, Murder Mystery Dinners, Business Lunches & Seasonal Parties

A Day on the Water

With views that stretch across to the Isle of Wight, Pylewell Park is perfectly situated for aquatic adventures. We work closely with local companies to offer you a memorable day on the water.

Solent Sailing, Deep sea fishing, rib hire or paddleboarding. Soak in the serenity of the Solent, savor lunch at Cowes or Yarmouth, and take a scenic trip around the Needles before returning to the splendour of Pylewell Park.

Relaxation and Wellness

For those seeking a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience, we offer leisurely yoga sessions amidst the tranquillity of our gardens.

Connect with nature, find inner peace, and revitalise your team's spirits within the lush surroundings.

Alternatively, embark on a gentle cycle to the charming town of Beaulieu, where scenic beauty meets even more historical charm.

Trail Blazers

Wheel Adventures: Forest Cycling Tours for Team Building

Dive into the natural beauty of the New Forest with our Forest Cycling Tours. Explore winding trails, lush woodlands, and scenic vistas as you pedal your way through this enchanting landscape.

Not only does this activity promote physical well-being, but it also encourages teamwork as your group navigates the trails together. The freedom of cycling amid nature fosters a sense of connection and accomplishment that's bound to leave lasting memories.

Clay Crackshots

Clay Pigeon Shooting

For a unique team-building experience that combines focus, precision, and a hint of competition, look no further than Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Set in our picturesque estate, this activity challenges participants to improve their shooting skills while enjoying the thrill of the outdoors. It's an ideal way to build trust and communication among your team members, as they work together to hit their targets with precision and accuracy.

Field Day Fun:

Company Sports Days

Our Company Sports Days are a celebration of friendly competition and team spirit. Whether you opt for traditional games or innovative challenges, these days are tailored to your preferences.

Team members can bond over classic relay races, tug-of-war, or even more unconventional contests that suit your corporate culture. Regardless of the activities you choose, the focus remains on fostering collaboration, boosting morale, and ensuring everyone has a great time.

Off-Road Odyssey

Segways, Or Rage Buggies

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure through the picturesque grounds of Pylewell Park. Our Segway and Rage Buggy experiences are designed to challenge your team's coordination and decision-making skills as you navigate through woodland trails and open fields.

Whether you choose the nimble Segways or the high-speed Rage Buggies, these activities will provide your group with a thrilling team-building experience that encourages teamwork, communication, and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Murder & Menus

Murder Mystery Private Dinner Parties

Step into a world of intrigue and suspense with our Murder Mystery Private Dinner Parties. Your participants will become detectives for the evening, working together to unravel a captivating whodunit while enjoying a gourmet meal.

With carefully crafted storylines, professional actors, and an immersive setting, this activity will test your group's problem-solving abilities and collaborative spirit. It's a unique way to bond with colleagues and create unforgettable memories.

Mastering Mixology:

Cocktail Masterclass

Unleash your inner mixologist with our Cocktail Masterclass, where your team can craft and savor signature cocktails.

It's an opportunity to bond over the art of mixology, learning the secrets behind crafting the perfect drink. As you experiment with flavors and techniques, you'll discover a new level of teamwork and camaraderie, all while indulging in the fruits of your labor.

Wild Gastronomy

Foraging & wild cooking

Connect with nature and discover the bounties of the New Forest with our Foraging & Wild Cooking experience. Led by knowledgeable guides, your team will explore the lush landscapes, learning to identify edible plants, mushrooms, and more.

After gathering your ingredients, you'll return to Pylewell Park for a hands-on cooking session, turning your finds into delicious dishes. This activity fosters teamwork, resourcefulness, and an appreciation for the natural world.

Chocolate Artistry

Chocolate Making

Indulge your team's sweet tooth and creativity with a Chocolate Making workshop. Our expert chocolatiers will guide you through the art of crafting delectable chocolates.

From tempering the finest chocolate to experimenting with flavors and decorations, your group will collaborate to create mouthwatering treats. This delicious activity promotes teamwork, innovation, and a shared love for all things chocolate.

Uncorking Excellence

Wine Tasting

Embark on a journey through the world of wine with our Wine Tasting experience. Led by knowledgeable sommeliers, your team will explore a carefully curated selection of wines from around the globe.

As you savour each sip, you'll learn about different grape varieties, regions, and tasting techniques. Wine Tasting encourages communication, refinement of palates, and the appreciation of fine wines in a convivial setting.

Splash, Explore, Coastline

Solent Rib Rides: Bonding Through Adventure

Get ready to bond with your team through an exhilarating adventure on the Solent waters. Pylewell Park offers a thrilling Solent rib ride experience that will not only get hearts racing but also promote teamwork and camaraderie.

As you ride the waves of the Solent, your team will learn to communicate effectively, make quick decisions together, and develop trust while enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery. It's a perfect combination of adrenaline and teamwork that will leave lasting memories and tighter bonds among your colleagues.

Board, Paddle, Zen

Paddle-boarding: Finding Balance as a Team

For a more tranquil yet equally engaging team-building activity, paddleboarding on the Solent is an ideal choice. This gentle activity allows your team to explore the calm waters while working together to maintain balance on the paddleboards.

As you glide through the serene waters, you'll discover the importance of coordination, cooperation, and communication. Paddleboarding encourages your team to stay afloat together, fostering unity and a sense of achievement in a beautiful natural setting.

Baiting Calm Waters

Fishing Trips: Reeling in Team Spirit

Combining leisure and cooperation with Pylewell Park's fishing trips on the Solent. These trips offer a unique blend of relaxation and teamwork as your team learns the art of angling while bonding with colleagues. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice, fishing promotes patience, collaboration, and shared moments of excitement when you reel in a catch.

Enjoy the tranquility of the open water while working together to make the most of your fishing expedition, creating lasting memories and stronger connections among your team members.

Unleash Creativity with Bespoke Events

At Pylewell Park, every team-building event and away day is bespoke and tailored to your unique vision. We collaborate closely with you to understand your team's objectives, ensuring that the activities chosen align perfectly with your goals.

Our events management team helps you to curate your day to foster teamwork, communication, and camaraderie, leaving your team inspired and rejuvenated.

A Playground for Corporate Events

Pylewell Park's picturesque estate offers endless possibilities for creating memorable team building and away day experiences.

Our dedicated events management team works diligently to make your corporate event extraordinary, whether you seek outdoor excitement, elegant adventures, or moments of relaxation and reflection.

Pylewell Park provides an unforgettable playground for your team building and away day events. With a range of indoor and outdoor pursuits and stunning views across the Isle of Wight, our estate provides the perfect backdrop for your corporate adventure.

Let us craft a bespoke event that aligns with your team's goals, fostering collaboration, creativity, and a sense of camaraderie that lasts long after the day is done.

Thank you again to Nicole and Pylewell House for coming through for us at 24hrs notice! Your flexibility was invaluable with the constant changes right up until the event kicked off! The house and estate is beautiful, and I was blown away with how nice the Pavilion is! Thank you again, we’ll be back for sure!

Gemma Collinge

Pylewell is the perfect setting to host an event. The team is friendly, and knowledgeable and were a great support from the initial enquiry through to event day. The setting is spectacular and a completely unique offering.

Domine Nowell

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